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Shirin Abedinirad(Iran/USA)

自然をテーマにすることに魅了されるようになり、2013年、ランドアート、インスタレーション、パブリックアートの制作を開始。2014年3月、United Colors of Benettonのファブリカリサーチセンターで1年間の奨学生に選ばれた。イタリア滞在中、ファブリカの編集部で働きながら、Nazar Publicationから出版された「Fashion & Conceptual Art」という本を執筆した。 


Shirin Abedinirad was born in 1986, in Tabriz, Iran. In 2002, she began her artistic activities with painting. She first completed her academic studies in Graphic Design and later, Fashion Design, at Shariaty Technical College in Tehran, in which her research focused on conceptual art and the ways in which it overlaps with fashion design. During this time, she started engaging in performance art pieces around Iran, confronting issues of gender, sexuality, and human compassion. She has also staged many public shows. Since 2012, Shirin has been making video art, exploring the notion of self and identity with moving images. In both her performance art projects and videos, she was the performer as well as the designer of her own costumes, props, and sets.
She has become more captivated by nature as a central theme. In 2013, she thus began creating land art, installation projects, and public art by employing images of nature. In March 2014, Shirin was selected for a one-year scholarship with United Colors of Benetton’s Fabrica research centre. During her time in Italy, Shirin worked in Fabrica’s Editorial Department and authored a book titled Fashion & Conceptual Art published by Nazar Publication.
Currently based in the United States, Abedinirad’s art now encompasses a range of sculptural, installation, and moving image practices, including the large-scale mirrored construction for which she is best known. Abedinirad gives us the mirror as a kind of window-one through which we see a better world that was here along. She has exhibited work in a range of international venues, including the Times Art Museum (Beijing, Chengdu), the Museum on the Seam (Jerusalem), the Mana Contemporary Museum (New Jersey), the Venice Biennale, and the Andorra Land Art Biennale.

Three representative exhibitions
-Times Art Museum (Beijing, Chengdu)
-Museum on the Seam (Jerusalem) 
-Mana Contemporary Museum (New Jersey) 






《Tide #2》、北京時代美術館(北京)、2022年