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『The missing shade 59-1』『Seascape (Suzu)』『Untitled』

Artist:Saori Miyake(JAPAN)
Title:“The missing shade 59-1”“Seascape Suzu”“Untitled”


Photo:Keizo Kioku


This work, which revolves around an image of the sea and boats of Suzu, originated with photos and parts of an old wooden boat found dormant in the boathouse where the Okura Zarashi took place. The artist develops a video installation that combines photographs and photograms of past and present vessels in a space with old boat materials. We explore the “picturesque image” in our eyes and let it emerge in a multidimensional manner.


・制作年 2021年
・展示 大谷エリア|スズ・シアター・ミュージアム
・マップコード(カーナビ入力) 329 875 719*30

Production year 2021
Exhibition Area Otani|SUZU THEATER MUSEUM
MAPCODE (GPS input)|329 875 719*30



Saori Miyake(JAPAN)

近年の展覧会に 2019年「MOTアニュアル2019 Echo after Echo:仮の声、新しい影」東京都現代美術館(東京)、2018年「第 20 回 DOMANI・明日展」国立新美術館(東京)、2017年「ArtMeets04 田幡浩一/三宅砂織」アーツ前橋・ギャラリー1(群馬)などがある。

Around 2003, she began producing photograms in which she draws several drawings on transparent sheets of paper which are then superimposed on photographic paper and exposed to develop the drawing’s shadows. An attempt is being made to extract a polyphonic "picturesque statue" of what is inherent in people's gazes. Recent exhibitions include the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo in 2019 "MOT Annual 2019 Echo after Echo: Summoned Voices, New Shadows" (Tokyo), the National Art Center in Tokyo in 2018 "20th DOMANI: The Art of Tomorrow Special Exhibition" (Tokyo) and Arts Maebashi Gallery in 2017 "Art Meets 04 Koichi Tabata/Saori Miyake" (Gunma).




Photo by 森田兼次 


『The missing shade56-1』2019年