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Artist:Theater Company Mikeneco-za+Yumu Kumada(Japan)
Title:Mirage of sea


《くじらの昇る海底》 2022、THEATRE E9 KYOTO、Photo:駒優梨香

木箱の中には「蜃」が眠っている。箱の中は見えず、触れられないが、そこに在ると思えば、在る。 いにしえからの海の記憶と、幻想的な蜃気楼に想いを馳せるパフォーマンス。

◎日程=10 月7日(土) 開演 13 時 00 分(開場 12 時 30 分)、開演 16 時 00 分(開場 15 時 30 分)
       8日(日) 開演 13 時 00 分(開場 12 時 30 分) 

A ``Shinji'' is sleeping inside the wooden box. You can't see or touch what's inside the box, but if you think it's there, it's there. A performance that evokes memories of the sea from ancient times and fantastic mirages.

◎Date = October 7th (Saturday) Performance starts at 13:00 (doors open at 12:30), performance starts at 16:00 (doors open at 15:30)
        8th (Sunday) Start 13:00 (Doors open 12:30) 
◎Price = General advance sale 1500 yen         
                 General admission 2000 yen on the day (1800 yen if you show your passport)    
                 Elementary, junior high and high school students 1000 yen


Gekidan Mikeneco: Began their activities in 2015 as students at Kyoto City University of Arts. The sense of discomfort that they feel is created into work dialogue systems, which they observe together with the audience. In addition to their theatrical works, they also present recitation plays and performance works using poetic texts. They are active mainly in Kyoto.
Yumu Kumada: Completed lacquer work at the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Kyoto City University of Arts. Using wood and other materials, she creates works about the relationship between phenomena created by nature and the humans who react to them and question their meaning.

Yumu Kumada's major exhibitions
Solo exhibition "Visiting Ideas" (Kyoto Dohjidai Gallery, 2022)
MIND TRAIL Okuyamato Museum of the Heart (Nara, 2021) 
Kasugayama Primeval Forest Art Project (Nara, 2020-2022)

Gekidan Mikeneco's major performances
7th major performance "Undersea Where Whales Swim" (THEATER E9 KYOTO・2022) 
6th main performance "Androids eat poison" (THEATER E9 KYOTO・2021) 
Nara Machiya Art Festival Hanarart 2019 
Around ◉ Yoshinocho Kamiichi "Language Suite 1. Night" (Nara Honmachi Yashiki 2020)