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“Vowel / Rumbling of the Sea”

Masaya Hashimoto(Japan)

  • Exhibition Area Otani|SUZU THEATER MUSEUM“Ark of Light”
  • Viewing hours: 9:30-17:00

Photo by 六田春彦

This work uses clay and tools found at an old Noto rooftile factory. The artist noted that Suzu’s history, which includes the tile industry, Suzu ware pottery, and diatomaceous earth, has a strong connection with the land and was reminded of the first time he worked with clay. This installation took shape by exploring the connections between that deep nostalgia he felt and the sea, breathing, a beating heart, the motion of the waves, the stars, and the pebbles washed by the waves.

Exhibition Area Otani SUZU THEATER MUSEUM“Ark of Light”

  •  Latitude/Longitude (Google maps coordinates)|37.501234, 137.171782
  •  MAPCODE (GPS input)|329 875 719*30

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  • Production year 2021