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“Rendezvous Forest”

Yuki Okawa(Japan)

  • Exhibition Area Otani|SUZU THEATER MUSEUM“Ark of Light”
  • Viewing hours: 9:30-17:00


Having experienced Suzu festivals, this artist felt they were a guaranteed opportunity to meet the people you wanted to see. The flow of thoughts and memories connected through these festivals created history. Using old kiriko and string made by tearing and retying old clothes, the artist creates a meeting place filled with rich memories, like a forest teeming with wildlife.

Exhibition Area Otani SUZU THEATER MUSEUM“Ark of Light”

  •  Latitude/Longitude (Google maps coordinates)|37.501234, 137.171782
  •  MAPCODE (GPS input)|329 875 719*30

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  • Production year 2021