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Art work No.32

Castaway Story


  • Exhibition Area Iida|La Porte Suzu
  • Viewing hours: 9:30-17:00
    Closed Thursdays (except for September 23, a national holiday)


The Noto peninsula extends from the center of Honshu, the main island of Japan. Focusing on Suzu’s distinct location at the tip of the peninsula, the artists set up a Honshu Yajirobe (a balancing toy) with Suzu as its fulcrum. Surrounding it are 425 inhabited Japanese islands suspended from the ceiling and swaying. With the Eurasian Continent depicted on the wall in the background, the characteristics of the surrounding sea area, the Japanese archipelago, and the positional relationship between the continent and the Noto Peninsula become clear.

Exhibition Area Iida La Porte Suzu

  •  Latitude/Longitude (Google maps coordinates)|37.433508, 137.261147
  •  MAPCODE (GPS input)|329 646 591*24

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  • Production year 2021