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Art work No.22

“Nautical Chart”

Keita Mori (Japan / France)

  • Exhibition Area Shouin|Former carpenter workshop
  • Viewing hours: 9:30-17:00
    Closed Thursdays (except for September 23, a national holiday)


A former carpenter’s workshop and warehouse located near the Shoin coast. At this site, which was once used to repair ships, the artist draws a “chart” of the sea using thread from old clothes. The artist examines the connection between the act of weaving and the creation of charts that enable navigators to follow invisible lines on the sea’s surface.

Exhibition Area Shouin Former carpenter workshop

  •  Latitude/Longitude (Google maps coordinates)| 37.442978, 137.288588
  •  MAPCODE (GPS input)|329 680 720*55

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*Mapcode and MAPCODE are registered trademarks of Denso Corporation.

  • Production year 2021