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Art work No.1

“The Boat Which Carries Time”

Chiharu Shiota(Japan/Germany)

  • Exhibition Area Otani|Former Shimizu Nursery
  • Viewing hours: 9:30-17:00
    Closed Thursdays (except for September 23, a national holiday)

©JASPAR,Tokyo,2021 and Chiharu Shiota

Feeling a strong connection to her roots in the salt fields of the Otani area, the artist chose an old nursery school that overlooks the Sotoura coast as the location for her work. Suzu’s Agehama-style salt production, the only longstanding one of its kind in Japan, has been on the verge of disappearing several times. Red strings stretch from a sand boat that transported the high-quality sand to the fields, extending throughout the venue and spinning a history of the people who preserved and passed on the art of salt-making to the present.

Exhibition Area Otani|Former Shimizu Nursery

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      (Google maps coordinates)|37.490965, 137.124896
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  • Production year 2017